Don’t make a noise
Because a noise annoys an oyster
But a noisy noise
Annoys an oyster more

Noise        NOUN
Noisy        ADJECTIVE
Noisily     ADVERB
Annoys    VERB

Oyster       NOUN


(Noisly) the Adverb is not used in the tongue-twister.
This is a very simple but effective tongue-twister for learning and practicing a noun, adjective, adverb and verb.
It is amazing how many students have difficulty to identify these four key words.
This tongue-twister is a lot of fun.
It’s all about diction and controlled clear speech.
Speak it with confidence and clarity. Know what you are saying and then the delivery of the tongue-twister is more effective to an audience.
Speak it three times, slow, medium and fast but not so fast that an audience cannot hear you speaking the words clearly.


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