Opportunity knocks
For the fox in the box,
Jamie Vardy deservedly tops
Leicester City as the dogs bollocks.

Puts on his shooting boots
And takes his goal tally to ten.
Sheer hard work yields sumptuous fruits.
Now he’s ready to take it to eleven.

He’s certainly living the dream.
He cannot, will not, be denied.
The spearhead of a Leicester team
Playing with passion, purpose and pride.



At the time of writing this in November 2015, Jamie Vardy had scored in ten consecutive matches in the English Premier League and propelled his club Leicester City to the top of the league.

Leicester’s next match will be at home against Manchester United this coming Saturday who lie in second position behind Leicester in the league table.

I should clarify reference to the ‘dogs bollocks’.  This is, in fact refers to the genitalia of a dog and is a complimentary historical reference.  It should not be confused with when the word ‘bollocks’ is used in a derogatory way to refer to trash or rubbish about something said or done.






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