This is a lesson to practice the Infinitive of Purpose and to answer the two following questions:
Where do you go?
Why do you go there?
All questions and answers are given in the present tense only.
SCHOOL                      HOSPITAL                  CHURCH                 FOREST
AIRPORT                     ZOO                              KITCHEN                CINEMA
LIBRARY                     BATHROOM               RESTAURANT       SUPERMARKET

1. I go to school to study and learn

2. I go to the hospital to see the doctor

3. I go to the church to pray

4. I go to the forest to discover about nature

5. I go to the airport to take a plane

6. I go to the zoo to see animals

7. I go to the restaurant to eat and drink

8. I go to the cinema to watch a film

9. I go to the supermarket to buy groceries

10. I go to the library to borrow a book

11. I go to the bathroom to take a shower

12. I go to kitchen to cook a meal

CHANGE the word ‘go’ to ‘WENT’ to say the sentences in the PAST SIMPLE tense.


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