1. Study and learn during the school semester

2. Be diligent and motivated

3. Practice what you have learned

4. Be prepared for the exam

5. Arrive on time

6. Go to the toilet before the exam begins

7. Wear comfortable clothes

8. Show respect to the teacher

9. Sit nicely and stay on your chair during the exam

10. Don’t ne noisy or disturb your friends

11. Don’t cheat

12. Don’t get stressed, just do your best

13. Don’t bring a mobile phone or other electronic device to the classroom

14. Don’t turn the exam paper over until the teacher prompts you

15. Have spirit and pray before the exam begins

16. Read the questions carefully before answering them

17. Answer all necessary questions

18. Check and re-check your answers given carefully

19. If you finish the exam early, give it to your teacher

20. Stay in the class until the bell rings and the exam time is over

21. Hope and pray for a good result to your test.



These are simple but basic rules for students to follow for every test or exam.

The basic rule is STUDY – LEARN – PRACTICE – DELIVER

If you learn what you study and then practice it, the final delivery in the test situation will be easier.


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