This English lesson focuses on the correct use and spelling of

THERE           THE    THEIR            THEY                          THEY’RE

THEY             :           Personal pronoun for more than one person (The people are here)

THE:               The definite article

THEY’RE :     Contraction of THEY and ARE (They’re here)

THERE:         Refers to a place person or thing (There is a train coming)

THERE’S:      Contraction of THERE and IS (There’s a train coming)

THEIR:          Possessive pronoun (Their journey was long) (journey of them

THEIRS:        Possessive pronoun meaning possession (It’s theirs) (belonging to them)

Here are some examples where the words are used incorrectly and then correctly.

  1. INCORRECT: They happy
    CORRECT: They’re happy (they are happy)
  2. INCORRECT: There leaving in an hour
    CORRECT: They’re leaving in an hour
  3. INCORRECT: There no message for you
    CORRECT: There’s no message for you
  4. INCORRECT: Theirs no place like home
    CORRECT: There’s no place like home
  5. INCORRECT: The boat is over they’re
    CORRECT: The boat is over there
  6. INCORRECT: There trip to Bogor was great
    CORRECT: Their trip to Bogor was great
  7. INCORRECT: Their mine. They not there’s
    CORRECT: They’re mine. They’re not theirs.
  8. INCORRECT: They’re was a long wait
    CORRECT: There was a long wait
  9. INCORRECT: Is it true they they’re cousins?
    CORRECT: Is it true they’re their cousins (or they are)
  10. INCORRECT: There place was there last hope
    CORRECT: Their place was their last hope
  11. INCORRECT: They black and white
    CORRECT: They’re black and white (they are)
  12. INCORRECT: There were glad to find it
    CORRECT: They were glad to find it
  13. INCORRECT: They’re you are!
    CORRECT: There you are!
  14. INCORRECT: Theirs a mistake, isn’t they’re?
    CORRECT: There’s a mistake, isn’t there?
  15. INCORRECT: There two apples
    CORRECT: There are two apples

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