This English lesson focuses on the correct and incorrect use and spelling of    IT IT’S ITS

IT –      A pronoun for the neutral noun (The Table, Money, Fire, Music, Song = It)
IT’S     Means (It is) (It is Sunday)
ITS       Posessive pronoun (Its colour is amazing – used with neutral gender nouns)

Here are some examples where the words are used incorrectly and then correctly.

  1. INCORRECT: What day it is?
    CORRECT: What day is it?
  2. INCORRECT: Its Friday
    CORRECT: It’s Friday (or It is)
  3. INCORRECT: It sunny
    CORRECT: It’s sunny (or It is)
  4. INCORRECT: It used for cooking
    CORRECT: It is used for cooking (or It’s)
  5. INCORRECT: What’s it is used for?
    CORRECT: What is it used for?
  6. INCORRECT: It’s looks like a bird
    CORRECT: It looks like a bird
  7. INCORRECT: It’s all started a year ago
    CORRECT: It all started a year ago
  8. INCORRECT: A leopard can’t change it spots
    CORRECT: A leopard cannot change its spots
  9. INCORRECT: I believe it true
    CORRECT: I believe it’s true
  10. INCORRECT: Every song has it’s melody
    CORRECT: Every song has its melody
  11. INCORRECT: It’s beauty was amazing
    CORRECT: Its beauty was amazing
  12. INCORRECT: It time to go home
    CORRECT: It’s time to go home
  13. INCORRECT: The bird caught it prey
    CORRECT: The bird caught its prey
  14. INCORRECT: How far it’s?
    CORRECT: How far is it?
  15. INCORRECT: Every cloud has it silver lining
    CORRECT: Every cloud has its silver lining
  16. INCORRECT: It not real
    CORRECT: It’s not real (or It is not real)
  17. INCORRECT: The bird spread it wings
    CORRECT: The bird spread its wings
  18. INCORRECT: It’s temperature is extreme
    CORRECT: Its temperature is extreme



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