This English lesson focuses on the correct and incorrect use and spelling of

HE     HIS    HE’S  AND   HE’S GOT

HIS Possessive Pronoun for the male gender (jacket of the MAN) (his jacket)

HE’S Means He is (He’s handsome = He is handsome)

HE’S Means he has in present perfect tense (He’s gone = he has gone)

HE’S GOT means he has got in present perfect tense (He’s got a cold)

Here are some examples where the words are used incorrectly and then correctly.

Here are some examples where the words are used incorrectly and then correctly.

  1. INCORRECT: He tired
    CORRECT: He’s tired (He is tired)
  2. INCORRECT: He old twenty two years
    CORRECT: He’s twenty two years old (he is)
  3. INCORRECT: His called Jim
    CORRECT: He’s called Him
  4. INCORRECT: His he’s friend
    CORRECT: He’s his friend (He is his friend)
  5. INCORRECT: Hes broken is arm
    CORRECT: He’s broken his arm (or He has Broken)
  6. INCORRECT: His written a story
    CORRECT: He’s written a story (he has written)
  7. INCORRECT: He’s a dog (He has a dog)
    CORRECT: He’s got a dog (He has got a dog)
  8. INCORRECT: He’s a cold (He has a cold)
    CORRECT: He’s got a cold (He has got a cold)
  9. INCORRECT: His just arrived
    CORRECT: He’s just arrived (He has just arrived)
  10. INCORRECT: He’s good boy
    CORRECT: He’s a good boy (He is a good boy)
  11. INCORRECT: He’s played football
    CORRECT: He played football
  12. INCORRECT: His playing football
    CORRECT: He’s playing football (He is playing)
  13. INCORRECT: He forgotten my name
    CORRECT: He’s forgotten my name (He has forgotten)
  14. INCORRECT: He’s has woken up
    CORRECT: He’s woken up (He has woken up)



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