This is an English language lesson aimed at elementary school students. It can be adapted for students of all ages and levels.

Here are some basic expressions which are used in the dialogue below.

Listen to music play games dry hair
Keep us warm keep food fresh wash clothes
Speak to people tell the time cook food
See in the dark wash our body keep us cool

You:   Who are you?
Knight : I’m a knight. I come from the year 1300.
You Why are you here?
Knight I don’t know. What year is it now?
You It’s 2015
Knight What? What a strange place this is! What are these things you have?
You First, this little thing is a torch. It’s called a flashlight.
Knight Funny shape. What’s it’s used for?
You It’s used for seeing in the dark. It uses batteries.
Knight Batteries? What are they?
You Anyway, this is a cooker. It’s used for cooking food.
Knight And that?
You Oh, that’s a computer. It’s used for playing games.
Knight And what’s that gadget with water?
You That’s a shower. It’s used for washing our body.
Knight What about that over there on the wall?
You That’s an air conditioner. It’s used for keeping the room cool.
Knight So many amazing things. Oh look at this, small flat and shiny
You Be careful, don’t drop it. That’s a smartphone. It’s used for speaking to people and sending messages.
Knight Gollygosh! Can I call to my home?
You Hmm, not sure you can use it to call the year 1300.
Knight I can hear something. What is it? What is that sound?
You That’s a CD player. It’s used for listening to music
Knight I can hear a ticking sound. Tick-Tock. What is it?
You It’s a clock. It tells the time in hours minutes and seconds.
Knight What else can you show me?
You Well, there’s the fridge. It’s used for keeping food fresh
Knight Yes, I am hungry. Can I eat something?
You Be my guest! By the way, your hair is wet.
Knight Yes I know. I got caught in a rain storm on the way here.
You Never mind. Use this. It’s a hairdryer. It’s used for drying wet hair.
Knight Mindblowing! I must come to the future more often.
You Any time Mr Knight!


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