This is an English language lesson (quiz) about people in the world who have the first name of George.

‘By George’ is an idiom which has been used in English for several centuries.

Here are the names of 12 famous people whose first name is George.
Washington Clooney Everest Mallory
Harrison Michael Stephenson Windsor
Orwell Best Foreman Bush

1. I was the first President of the United States.

2. Like my Father, I was also an American President.

3. I am a Beatle and come from Liverpool.

4. I played football for Manchester United.

5. I am a boxer and fought Mohammed Ali.

6. I climbed Mount Everest in 1924.

7. I gave my name to the highest mountain in the world.

8. I used my pen name to write books such as ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’.

9. I invented the very first steam train called the ‘Rocket’.

10. I am a famous British Pop singer. My best known song is called ‘Killing me Softly’

11. I am a handsome actor who starred in the film ‘Gravity’.

12. I am an American General who fought the Indians at the battle of Little Big Horn.

13. I was born in 2013. One day, I will be King of England.


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