This is a short narrative for elementary school students to practice their English.
It is intended for writing, reading and speaking.
Here we go!

Let’s tell the story of Inside Out.
It’s an amazing computer-animation film from Disney.
It’s such a wonderful and awesome film.
The story is set inside the mind of a young girl called Riley.
She is eleven years old and lives in America.
She has many memories about her childhood.
Those memories come in several categories which are Family, Friends, Honesty and Hockey.
Riley loves playing Hockey very much in her city of Minnesota.
Bing Bong, half-dolphin, half-elephant, is her special imaginary friend.
One day, her whole world is turned upside-down and inside-out.
She must move far away with her parents from Minnesota to San Francisco.
San Francisco is a very different place from Minnesota.
They don’t play Hockey there and they even eat Broccoli Pizza. Yuck!
Riley is very sad and confused at her new home and school.
She thinks about running away by bus back to Minnesota.
Her life is guided by five emotions who become important characters in the story.
The five emotions are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust.
The truth is, Riley is growing up fast and her life is changing.
She even forgets about Bing Bong and he gets sent to the Memory Dump.
Oh dear! How sad is that!
She must adjust to her new life sooner rather than later.
New Personality Islands are formed in her life.
Bing Bong is replaced with Boy Bands.
Then there is Romance and Fashion to help make her life better.
Riley is happy once again.
Riley is now twelve years old and a new phase in her life is beginning.
What a great and enjoyable film!
I loved the storyline and the characters very much indeed.
Thank you for listening to my short presentation about Inside Out.

The five emotions of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and disgust are common emotions for both children and adults to experience in life.
I have used two expressions to describe the confusion of Riley inside her mind. First, the title of the film called ‘Inside Out’. Second, ‘upside down’ because she is unhappy moving to a strange and different city. Her life becomes unbalanced.
Riley is eleven years old and in the film she crosses the ‘puberty stage’ by becoming a woman at twelve.
Puberty can perhaps explain why she does not need Bing Bong anymore in her life as she grows up and Boyband music, pre-teen romance and fashion become a feature of her life.
Memories are stored in Headquarters. The Core memories, the important ones, are kept but others fade away and are forgotten.
Bing Bong becomes one of her forgotten memories. Memory Dump means the rubbish area for memories she does not need or want to keep.
Personality Islands give stability in her life. Obviously, Family Friendship and Honesty are very important. New Personality Islands develop as she grows up.


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