Nothing can justify the injustice dished out everyday on an unjust world in the name of justice.

Spare a thought for Richard Glossip.

 An innocent man who sits on death row in an Oklahoma Penitentiary for a crime someone else has admitted doing.
 The other person is serving a life sentence for that crime not a death penalty. Why?
  America is not land of the Free.
Susan Sarandon and Richard Branson are two famous personalities  among many who are in full support for the release of Richard Glossip.
It is Christmas. Supposedly the season of goodwil.
I see no goodwill here. I see no justice.
 Pray for a reason or not at all.
 Quoting stuff from the bible or qu’oran and impressing with memorisation is futile if it does not connect to something.
 To a true cause.
Let us see some true Christmas cheer in 2015 and one man given back his  life and dignity.

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