Welcome to Mr. Pauls English lesson.
Please be ready with your writing books and pens.
Always use the same writing book every week.
Never ever call Mr. Paul Mister Om or Bro.
Sir is ok sometimes but Sir Paul is not correct.
Don’t be late for class otherwise expect to sing in front of the class.
Learning English is important for your future.
No eating drinking or sleeping during the lesson
Also no toilet trips until break-time.
Don’t ask to go to the bathroom or the restroom. They don’t exist at school.
Write clearly and well with a long sharp pencil or a blue or black ink pen.
Do not tippex/erase your mistakes. Cross out your mistakes and learn from them.
Remember the method of learning – Listen – Write – Read – Speak.
Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Mr. Paul is your teacher to help you.
You’ll never walk alone. It means Mr. Paul will always be there for you.
Alas, absolutely no smoking, cheating or swearing in class.
Beware of the British Bulldog. It can bark and bite. That is Mr. Paul. Just kidding!
Give Blood Sweat and Tears please. Work hard to understand and speak English better.
Mr. Pauls English class is not a holiday camp to play around.
It is not a picnic or a walk in the park.
Come to Mr. Pauls blog site regularly to check lesson material.
Be a smart student and make your parents proud.

Beware of the British Bulldog
Beware of the British Bulldog

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