This is a telephone conversation between the Telephonist (T) of North American Bank where Mr Robert Brown works and Mrs Janet Brown, wife of Robert Brown (C)

C is for Caller.

C:        Good morning sir, is that the North American Bank?
T:        Yes it is, good morning, how may I help you?
C:        May I speak with Mr Robert Brown please?
T:        I am afraid Mr Brown is engaged at the moment and not able to take any calls. I can put you through to his assistant if you like
C:        No, thank you sir, I wish to speak with Mr Brown directly
T:        I am afraid that’s not possible at the moment. You can leave a message on his voicemail. Mr Brown is very good at returning his calls
C:        Will you take a message for me Sir and pass it directly to him?
T:        I am very sorry Madam, I am not able to do that. I am only the Telephone Operator located on the Ground floor. Mr Brown works on the nineteenth floor. I must connect your call now Madam or you are welcome to call again later. I have another call holding
C:        I don’t’believe Mr. Brown is engaged at all. I insist on speaking with him right now
T:        I can assure you Mr Brown is genuinely engaged Madam
C:        What do you mean, engaged? Engaged to be married? Engaged in a telephone conversation with somebody else? Engaged in a meeting?
T:        I do not like your ‘tone of voice’ madam and I must cut your call if you continue to speak like that. May I know who is calling please?
C:        Yes you certainly may – Mrs Janet Brown, Mr. Robert Browns Wife! I will be engaged in a minute if you don’t co-operate. Engaged to kill!
T:        Oh I see Mrs Brown, I didn’t realize. I am very sorry. Let me see if I can connect you. Mr. Brown did insist on not being disturbed. Is the matter urgent?
C:        That’s none of your business. If you don’t put me through immediately, I will ask my Husband to fire you
T:        Actually, Mrs Brown, I can’t connect you because Mr Brown is not here. He is not expected to come again to the office until Thursday morning
C:        Oh really? Another overnight business conference in Bandung huh? And his mobile phone is switched off as well!
T:        Do you want me to put you through to his Assistant?
C:        No, don’t bother. I know what he is up to. I’ll catch him red-handed. Cheerio
T:        Sorry I can’t help you Mrs Brown


NOTICE the use of the different use of the word ‘ENGAGE’ during the conversation

Engaged on the phone

Engaged to be married

Engaged to kill



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