Q.        Hello, good morning. What is your name?
A.        My name is Jack.
Q.        Where do you come from Jack?
A.        I come from France.
Q.        Huh, really? I don’t believe you.
A.        Just kidding. I come from Indonesia really.
Q.        I see. Where do you live?
A.        I live in Jakarta.
Q.        Tell me Jack, how old are you?
A.        I am ten years old.
Q.        Are you married?
A.        No, of course not. I’m still single.
Q.        Are you a school student then?
A.        Yes I am. For sure.
Q.        Where do you study?
A.        I study at Al Ikhlas Junior School.
Q.        What do you study there?
A.        I study Maths, Science and English.
Q.        So, can you speak English?
A.        Yes I can. Quite well.
Q.        By the way, do you know Mr. Paul?
A.        Yes I do. He’s my English teacher. He teaches me on Tuesdays.
Q.        Hey, is that the bell ringing?
A.        Yes it is. Time’s up. Doesn’t time fly!




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