Mr. Paul is my native English teacher.
He comes from England.
He lives in Cibubur.
He is fifty something years old.
Mr. Paul is married to Anna.
He has four children.
Their names are Marisa, Adam, Oliver and Arthur.
He teaches us English on Tuesdays.
He speaks four languages.
He is tall and has a big nose.
His favourite football team is Liverpool.
His favourite places in Indonesia are Bengkulu and Guci
Last month, Mr. Paul took a holiday in Karimun Java.
He has visited more than sixty countries around the world.
His favourite country around the world is probably Mexico.
He really loves eating Tong Seng and Chicken porridge.
His hobbies are travelling, watching movies and reading books.

Remember Mr. Paul.
Welcome back Mr. Paul.
Oh, by the way, never ever call Mr. Paul Mister or Om.
You can call him Sir …….. sometimes ….. if you like.
Bye bye Mr. Paul. Thank you for introducing yourself to us.


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