Good morning everyone.  Welcome to the Blog site of Mr. Cibubur the native English Teacher who lives in Cibubur Indonesia.

So far since August 2015,  I have posted more than 300 lessons on a variety of different topics.

The aim is to provide easy English to students anywhere around the world who wants to learn and improve their English.

I have been asked by a number of people to provide either a RSS feed or alternative news feed from my blogsite.

I am not a technical person and I have stumbled across the free platform which I use from WordPress more by accident than intention but it works for me and I am pleased to hear that the blogsite can be easily accessed.

So far as I understand, links to all my blogs appear on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter.

I encourage visitors to my blogsite to post comments so that I know what you think about the blogsite itself and the material on it.

In time – when I have time, I plan to expose my blogsite material to greater traffic and to commercial potential.

At the moment, the WordPress platform suits me fine and I am happy with it

Good luck with your learning of English and I hope I can be a good teacher to help you along the way.


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