My name is Andika.
I am Indonesian.
I am proud to be Indonesian.
Seventeenth of August is Independence Day of Indonesia.
Every year, it’s a public holiday.
People celebrate with games and fun and there are lots of competitions.
The flag of Indonesia is red and white.
Red is for bravery and courage. White is for honesty and purity.
Indonesia is seventy years old.
It became an independent country on Seventeenth of August Nineteen Forty Five.
Bung Karno or Mr. Soekarno was the first President of Indonesia.
Jokowo is the current President.
Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.
Indonesia has thirty three provinces and more than thirteen thousand islands.
The most famous places in Indonesia are probably Bali, Borobodur and Yogyakarta.
There are many volcanoes such as Krakatao, Merapi and Bromo.
We also know Indonesia for the Sumatran tiger, Komodo dragon and black rhino.
Selamat Merdeka Indonesia! Well done! Congratulations.
Thank you for your attention in this presentation about my country Indonesia.
I hope it was useful, interesting and informative for you.


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