DO YOU ……?

Friend Do you study English?
Student Yes I do. On Tuesdays.
Friend Do you pray?
Student Yes I do. Everyday.
Friend What a good student!
Friend Do you brush your teeth?
Student Yes I do. Twice a day.
Friend Let me see. Wow! So white and shiny.
Friend Do you go swimming sometimes?
Student Yes I do. At weekends.
Friend I bet you swim like a fish.
Friend Do you like eating pizza?
Student Yes I do. A lot. It’s delicious.
Friend But do you like doing homework?
Student. No I don’t. Not at all. It’s boring.
Friend By the way. Do you know Mr. Paul?
Student Yes I do. He’s my English teacher.
Friend Do you want to stand up?
Student No I don’t. I’m tired. I want to sit down.
Friend All right. You can. Wait just a moment. One more question.
Friend Do you love your Mother?
Student Yes I do. I love her very much. She’s wonderful.
Friend Well done! You can sit down now.


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