This is the story of Manchester United.
Manchester United is probably the most famous football club in the world.
It is certainly one of the richest and most successful.
They play at the Old Trafford Stadium which is often referred to as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’
Their nickname is ‘the Red Devils’.
They play in the English Premier League and have been national champions twenty times, more than any other club.
They won the first of their many trophies in 1909.
‘Glory glory Man United’ is the popular anthem sung by their army of fans on matchdays.
Their current manager is Jose Mourinho who replaced Louis van Gaal in the suimmer of 2016
Prior to him, Alex Ferguson was at the helm as manager for twenty seven years from 1986 until his eventual retirement in 2013.
During those twenty seven years, ‘Fergie’ helped Manchester United to win more than fifty major trophies as well as a knighthood for himself from Queen Elizabeth.
Sir Matt Busby is the man who lay the foundations for the global Manchester United fame built upon later by Alex Ferguson.
He nurtured a team of wonderful young players which the football world called the ‘Busby Babes’.
Sadly, many of those young players died in the tragedy of the Munich plane crash of February 1958.
A new wave of ‘Busby Babes’ came along and in 1968, Manchester United became the first English club to win the European Cup.
They beat the Portugese club Benfica 4-1 after extra time at Wembley Stadium in an epic encounter.
Let me now tell you something of the early history of the football club and how it all began.
The club was formed in 1878 by a group of railway workers and was initially called ‘Newton Heath’
Newton Heath recruited talented young footballers and offered them jobs in the railway industry in Manchester.
At the time, of course, football was purely an amateur sport and footballers were not paid for what they did on the football field.
The name of the football club was changed in 1902 from Newton Heath to Manchester United.
The playing strip was also changed from the original green and yellow to the red shirts, white shorts and black socks we are all familiar with today.
Manchester United played their first game at the Old Trafford Stadium on 19th February 1910.
They defeated near neighbors Liverpool 4-3 before a crowd of 45,000 spectators.
It was not until 1991 that Manchester United was converted into a public limited Company.
The club was taken over by the American Glazer family in 2005 and they still hold the controlling interest in the boardroom.
Alas, a new Manchester United has been created by the die-hard fans of the club they love and things are going full circle.
Today, FC United of Manchester are just two leagues away from being in the same football league structure as Manchester United.
American Insurance Company AON have been the clubs principal sponsor since 2010.
This helps Manchester United compete to recruit top quality players to achieve success on the national, European and International stage.
There are, of course, many great players who have worn the team colours of Manchester United.
Famous footballers such as Duncan Edwards, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Eric Cantona are just a few.
There can be no doubt that current stars include Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick, David De Gea and Memphis De Pay.
Manchester United are certainly a global phenomena beyond the early expectations of the Victorian railway workers who started it all.
Today, Manchester United is a global brand extending to 250 supporters clubs worldwide and an estimated 400 million fans.
Manchester United finished fourth in the English Premier League in the 2014-15 season and qualified again to play in the European Champions League.
A new era in the glory and history of Manchester United has begun.


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