This is the famous Indonesian story of Timun Mas
A long time ago, in a far away land, in a small village near the forest, lived an old woman.
Her husband had passed away and she had no children.
She wanted a child very much to help her with her chores and give her company everyday.
She prayed to God that one day she would get a child.
A Giant Troll was passing her house one day and heard her prayer.
He knocked the door of the house of the old woman.
The Giant Troll said he could help the old woman have a child.
The Giant Troll gave the old woman some cucumber seeds.
He suggested she plant the seeds in front of her house.
After two weeks, cucumbers would grow and a child would be born inside
All the Giant Troll asked was to give the child to him when it reached 16 years old
The old woman was surprised and a little confused but she agreed to it.
Sure enough, after two weeks, the cucumbers grew and the old woman waited
One of the Cucumbers grew into a golden cucumber and a child was born inside
The old woman was very happy and named the child ‘Timun Mas’
She looked after the child and raised it for the years until the child reached 16 years.
The year before, the old woman had visited the Holy Man in the village.
He had given her some ingredients to help her protect and keep Timun Mas from the Troll.
If the truth be told, the old woman loved Timun Mas and she did not want to give her up.
Even so, the day came when the Giant Troll knocked the old woman’s door again asking for the submission of the child.
Timun Mas took the ingredients given by the Holy Man and ran into the forest.
The Giant Troll chased after Timun Mas in anger and frustration.
The brave Timun Mas defended herself with the ingredients which included salt and shrimp.
It worked! The Giant Troll collapsed and died.
Timun Mas ran back to her parent the old woman and lived happily ever after.


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