This is the story of John Cadbury.
He was an Englishman who lived in the nineteenth century and is regarded as the pioneer of the chocolate bar.
He lived between the years 1802 and 1899 in the city of Birmingham in the English Midlands.
He became from a religious family of Quakers.
Quakers believed alcohol was one of the causes for poverty and deprivation.
John Cadbury was an early campaigner against social injustice, child exploitation and animal cruelty.
In 1824, when he was only 22, he set up a grocers shop next to the family home in Bull Street Birmingham.
At first, he only sold hops and mustard but his business enterprise soon expanded to include cocoa and chocolate.
By 1831, John Cadburys business was prospering and he moved to factory premises nearby.
The Cadbury business thrived.
Within just a few short years, John Cadbury had increased his range to sixteen drinking chocolates and eleven cocoa drinks.
The business was so successful, it received the royal warrant of Queen Victoria in 1854.
1866 was definitely a pivotal year for the Cadbury chocolate business.
They bought the innovative cocoa press from the Netherlands and launched their first trademarked product called Cocoa Essence.
John Cadbury himself was ready for retirement by then and continued with social and civil work for many years until his death.
In 1879, Cadburys Chocolate relocated to its present much larger site in Bournville village on the outskirts of Birmingham city.
It was at Bournville where the Cadbury factory found a permanent base and homes were built on adjoining land for the workers.
John Cadbury believed in harmony for his workers.
He once said that no man should be expected to live in a place where a rose cannot grow.
In other words, every Cadbury worker should have a garden attached to his home to nurture growing roses in his free time.
The first Cadburys chocolate bar was sold in 1849 but it was not until 1897 that the first milk chocolate bar was launched.
This was called Cadburys Dairy Milk and remains a popular choice for chocolate lovers to this day.
The Cadbury brand of the glass and a half measure of milk is iconic and has become universally recognized.
Cadburys have produced many famous chocolate delights over the years such as Crunchie, Flake, Buttons and not to forget the boxed Milk Tray.
Who after all can forget the famous advertising slogan of ‘All because the lady loves milk tray’?
Over time, the Cadbury chocolate business has become a public limited Company and a corporate giant.
During the last ten years, Cadburys has merged with Schweppes and Kraft.
Alas, the name of John Cadbury lives on and the Bournville village remains an alcohol-free zone just as John Cadbury would have wished, had he been alive today.
The name of Cadbury is undoubtedly a global phenomena beyond the early expectations of the humble man who started it all.


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