The Oscar Results 2012

Well it is over for another year for the Oscar results of 2012.  I have been able to watch most of the movies which were in all the main categories and I should like to pass comment and reaction on the results generally.

The two films which I have not yet seen and which won notable Oscar awards are ‘A Separation’ for best Foreign language Film from Iran and the ‘Man or Muppet’ song from the ‘Muppets’ movie.  I guess everybody is trying to download the song to know what it is.  For the cost of fifty English pence here in Indonesia, I shall  be able to buy the DVD at my local store.  As for ‘A Separation”, this is going to prove tougher to track down as it is not a movie, it seems, well know or in general cinematic circulation, so it is not likely to be popular on DVD.

‘Hugo’ and ‘The Artist’ are both deserved winners in the ten categories which they shared between them.  I have watched both movies twice and I have thoroughly enjoyed them one very occasion.  They represent a certain sentimentality about this years Oscar reward with both winning films relating to the cinema back in the past at the beginning of the twentieth century, although, they are, of course, telling two completely different stories.

I have a personal love of any French connected film and I was disappointed that ‘Ao” was not nominated with best Foreign language category.  Given the tough competition in that category and the unusual nature of the film, I am not actually surprised at its non nomination.

My biggest disappointment, with the exception of ‘Anonymous’, which I will come to in a moment, was the failure of Glenn Close to win as best actress for ‘Albert Nobbs’.  Again, I am not surprised because Meryl Streep gave a strong, if I may I say, a slightly overplayed Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady’.  As I said, sentimentality was evident in many of the Oscar winners.

This was also so for Christopher Plummer who had quite a year it seems, revelling in his role as an elderly gay man in ‘Beginners’ while also having a lead role in ‘Girl with a Dragon Tattoo’.

‘Moneyball’ deserved its Oscar nomination for best picture and this is another film which I watched more than once.  This is the movie which introduced me to the Australian singer ‘Lenka’ with the child in the movie playing as Brad Pitts daughter singing the catchy song ‘Enjoy the Show”.  I am still none the wiser about the rules of Baseball, but I did enjoy the movie.

Personally, I have nothing against George Clooney who, through my eyes at least, would make an ideal Presidential candidate as represented in ‘Ides of March’, not nominated, though his other movie, ‘The Descendants’, oddly was.  I failed to see what was so great about ‘The Descendants’ and I had to wonder whether George Clooney has a family heritage connected with Hawaii.

Anonymous apart, my favourite nominated movie has to be ‘Midnight in Paris’.  I put a delay on watching this movie for no logical reason but when I did settle down to watch it, I absolutely loved it, though that is not to say I am a fan of Owen Wilson.  Woody Allen does not make a bad movie, just remember ‘Match Point” and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ as examples as Mr Allen looks to set his movies in different European cities.

I have not mentioned Octavia Spencer and ‘The Help’, an enjoyable if a little heavy film and a little if I may like ‘Precious” which made me not want to watch it a second time.  It is however a splendid movie and the young lady deserves her Oscar for best supporting actress.

Now I want to come to ‘Anonymous’.  This is my favourite film of 2012 and those of you who are following me on my Shakespeare Blog, will understand why.  I had been waiting for this movie for a long time and when it came, finally, I was not disappointed.  I was, however, disappointed that it performed so badly at the box office and appears to be one of the most misunderstood and underrated films of recent years.  I had expected the film for several Oscar nominations and not just one category, Costume Design, which it only had a moderate chance of winning.

There are still films in circulation and due to release which did not make the Oscar nominations for 2012.

There is another movie I want to mention which was Oscar nominated and won nothing.  ‘Bridesmaids’.  A terrific movie, unexpectedly so in my book, strong story.  The same could be said of the Nick Nolte film ‘Warrior’ which I finally convinced myself to watch last night (sacrificed the first half of Arsenal v Tottenham EPL).

I shall be watching ‘Iron Lady’ again in the next few days, there are some great quotes in this movie.  Watch out for them, write them and use them in class.  It is more as much a ‘Maggie and Dennis’ love story as it is a Political drama.  Best watched on DVD though, the slow pace of the movie might make you sleepy in the cinema.

Right, I have got all this off my chest.  I might just be getting the hang of Blogging.  A trip to my local DVD Store is lined up.  I am pretty much out of movies to watch.  Help!


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