Learning English

Learning English is the International Language of the world for Travel and Business and it has become essential for all foreign students to learn it for their future.

All students should give plenty of time for reading and writing, listening and speaking English.

I have a couple of simple principles which will help all students in their learning of English.

Firstly.  Learn it.  Speak it.  Write it.  Do it.  It is really that simple.

You live in a world with English language all around you.  Social networking sites.  On your handphone.  School books.  Television and Radio.  Music and Football.  Movies.  Travel and Computers.  Meeting people.  Use every opportunity you can to practice English.  Most opportunities are FREE and costs you nothing.

On my blog I will mention Grammar points from time to time but I WILL NOT TEACH GRAMMAR.  You learn English Grammar in your School and I believe you either know English Grammar – or you don’t.  If you are in Grade 10 11 or 12, you have been learning English for ten years.  You should certainly know English Grammar.

What I will help you with is STRUCTURE – the formation of the words and putting them in the right order.  This is NOT Grammar in my opinion.  That is why I put a strong emphasis on Reading and Writing – Drilling if you like.  The more you practice, the more you get it right.  Read and record on your Handphone.  Read to yourself in front of the Mirror, read to your Mother, read to the pet Dog if you must but practice reading the material which I put on this Blog.

The passages are usually short and concise enough for you to even memorize.  One of my other principles for learning English is this:

Pronunciation – Accent – Dialect – DICTION – Delivery.

The more you speak, over time you get the pronunication right.

You probably have a Dialect and you might think it inhibits your pronunication.  Not true!  Your Accent is your own, concentrate on the pronunication.

About Dialect.  Don’t expect to speak English like an English or American person.  You can’t.  Nothing wrong with the way you speak English, honestly.  Yes, some words found funny but that is normal in any language.

DICTION I consider likely – your choice of words.  Imagine yourself as a DICTIONARY.  If you don’t eat, you are hungry of course.  Same with learning English.  Make sure you learn lots of new words and KEEP A RECORD of them in a personal book.  Doing it manually in a handwritten Book (instead of clicking words on your Handphone) will build up your vocabulary and give you excellent DICTION.

Finally, DELIVERY.  At school, in work and in family gatherings, celebrations etc, public speaking is part of life, so you must know how to deliver your speech.  Link Pronunciation with Accent, Dialect and Diction – and you will achieve the right medium and pace for delivery of what you must say.

I sincerely hope that I can help you with learning English and that you find my Blog useful and interesting.


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